Walker Associates is proud to share our experience, energy, creativity, and dedication with our clients in both private and public sectors.

EXPERIENCE + Our clients value and depend on our knowledge and involvement with past projects in servicing their present and future needs.  Whether designing a pipe system for utility service, understanding the availability and relationship of web based data sets, land planning for development, or management of a large infrastructure project, Walker draws on the lessons learned from past opportunities to help clients achieve the highest and best use of their resources.  With a long list of successful projects over the last two decades, the principals of Walker Associates are engaged and responsible for the services provided by the firm on every project.  Past projects of the firm principals include significant experience in the various disciplines of the practice in the areas of residential, municipal, educational, recreational, institutional, commercial, transportation, industrial, environmental, medical, and utilities.


ENERGY + Having a broad base of experience along with an ability and willingness to be responsive, Walker Associates is able to meet the demands of any project size and schedule.  Understanding that the construction and development industry are continually improving the methods and increasing the expectations for project delivery, our firm is on the forefront of accessing available technology for design tools and internal processes.  This allows our willingness and ability to respond to client needs to combine for successful projects delivered on time.


CREATIVITY + Experience and energy are essential components to meeting client expectations.  The addition of creative approaches and solutions allows Walker Associates to exceed those expectations.  Unlike the many basic mathematical and physical principals that are the basis of our practice, many of the problems we are called to solve have numerous answers.  Some “correct” solutions may not take as long to derive and may not be as good as an answer that exists.  Our firm is sensitive to the need of our clients to constantly strive to find the best answers to the issues they face.


DEDICATION + Walker Associates is absolutely committed to the ethical and moral obligations associated with professional practice and promotion of public health and safety.  Likewise, we are committed to servicing our clients with the highest level of professionalism and customer service.  We do take our careers in our respective fields very serious and feel that this is ultimately the highest value added attribute of our company.  We sincerely consider it an honor to serve our communities through the design and planning of the built environment and appreciate the opportunity to do so.

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